Why we do it? - A journey

Why we do it?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with its humble beginnings is now a very established branch of medicine, that can be included in the broader grouping of Integrated Medicine. Although not fully supported by most medical aid schemes in SA, both HBOT and mHBOT can be equated with, biokineticists, iridologists, sports massage therapists and a broad base of supportive integrated medical practises that provide patient treatment, support and therapy in order to treat patients & clients to assist in the healing process and enable them to better achieve wholeness & wellness.

A journey

OxyVive is new to mHBOT, but the owners are not new to healing, caring and treatment. Tony Clarke was part of the medical core in the 70’s & 80’s and has delivered babies, worked in theatre, worked in casualty and been an active student on the arts of healing. Bev Clarke practised as a nurse for many years and still has a passion for patients to experience the best care possible. Since 2019, we have been researching the myriad claims of HBOT that provides a credible body of proof that HBOT is a very easily utilized form of therapy that can assist in the treatment, cure and support of a long list of conditions that face many every day of their lives.